I like to think that we as hairstylists are essential in this world. It is our job to help bring out a person's inner self-confidence and let's face it, we make this world a beautiful place! When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good you carry a positive energy and a smile!

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and graduated from North Kitsap High School. After graduation, I moved to the Seattle area where I continued working as a barista and soon after entered cosmetology school. I spent a year in Phoenix at Paul Mitchell The School, and return home to Seattle right after to begin my career as a licensed cosmetologist. After a year in a downtown Kirkland Paul Mitchell Focus Salon, I ventured into my own private, single-chair studio where I built a strong following and loyal client base. I have now returned to Arizona where I had spent 2014-15 building a following in the Scottsdale area & opened, again, a single-chair private studio. While I continue to frequent Seattle, I am always looking to pick up and travel for out of state shoots, shows, events & clients!

I have assisted in multiple salon start ups, styled in numerous fashion shows, grown as an independent business owner and continue to perfect my craft attending educational classes and staying up to date with today's hottest trends and fashions. My creativity is held at its highest when I am working on shoots and shows, I love the energy & artistic visions that come together. I equally love getting to know my every day salon guests & creating styles that help bring out their personality & that they can wear on a day-to-day today basis. My whole heart goes into what I do, I really enjoy working one-on-one with my clients and creating strong relationships. I have a passion for beauty, and I have a passion for people <3