The Perfect Manicure

So the holidays are coming up quick, actually we're right in the middle of the season, meaning all of the pretty little holiday nail sets are out right now! I went crazy at the supply store the other day.... impulsive shopper right here..... My favorite color right now is the dark plum, love it. And all of the glitters! Like the one in the photo (Venique - Jolly Holly Twinkle) and another one I like is Venique's Twinkling Glitter (a silver sparkle).


It also has a silicone base which allows the polish to bend with your nail.... THEREFORE discourages chipping!

Basically, with all of these amazing holiday polishes out, my post today is going to guide you in creating The Perfect Manicure! It is important to keeps nice nails and soft hands, they are one of the center points to your appearance....

What You'll Need:  Nail File, Buffer Block, Base Coat, Top Coat, Lotion, Cuticle Oil, and Your Favorite Polish

STEP 1: Shape - Decide on your desired nail shape, these days the pointy tips as seen on Rihanna and other celebrities has been the latest trend. Gently file your nail into the shape you want. If you need to take an adequate length off I would clip them first.

STEP 2: Buff -  Your buffer block may have a few sides to choose from. The coarse surface is used to remove ridges, do this first. Rough up the top of each nail. Next use the less coarse surface to give your nail more of a matte shine and smooth it out a little.

STEP 3: Shine - The smooth side of the buffing block is to polish out the roughness. Polish of each nail until it squeaks with shine :)

STEP 4: Base Coat - This is an important step. Base coat's not only help keep your nails healthier and stronger, they also keep dark polishes from staining your nail and will ensure your color will last longer.... insurance.

STEP 5: Your Favorite Polish - After your base coat, apply your selected polish. I would do two coats just to make sure you get a strong color.

STEP 6: Top Coat - The most important step in making your mani look professionally done is the shiny top coat! Check out some of the quick dry top coats to speed up drying time.

STEP 7:  Moisturize - Now that you have finished your amazing manicure, nothing tops off nice looking fingers with soft silky hands. I love the thick body butters! Or one of my faves is Body Drench's Pomegranate Crush Body Lotion

STEP 8: Moisturize Again - And for your last and final step,  moisturize your cuticles. Cuticle oil is made to keep the cuticles soft and healthy, helps prevent those nasty hang nails, nobody likes those.

My Name is Kursten, and I'm Addicted to Working Out.

So I think I am addicted to working out!! Not in reference to my body image, but it's the way I feel if I go too long without working out ( and I’m talking hours not days here). I work out at the same time every day. If I go a day without working out, or even hours past my normal time, by the time the afternoon comes around I'm already feeling a sense of built up tension, I get a little irritated, sometimes a lot irritated, headaches…! I think I have my body on such a strict schedule that I AM ADDICTED!!
I feel amazing btw :) I'm not trying to lose weight; actually I'm trying to gain. And for all of you skinny-girl-haters out there, I DO have a thyroid problem, and yes you can have it, take it, it’s not fun!. I honestly think it's just as much work to gain weight with a petite frame as it is to lose weight for a heavier person. For me it’s a daily commitment. If I happen to skip a meal or a day or two of not working out, it almost feels like all of my hard work disappears, really discouraging actually. It takes constant work to keep my body right, CONSTANT! I can't ever be lazy! And protein rich and carb filled diets have taken over my life... I eat a lot. Anyone who knows me will agree to that lol A healthy body does not come to anyone naturally, and if any of you did get lucky with natural blessings, then you’re one lucky B.

My alarm is set for 6AM every morning... (ok, sometimes I hit snooze once or twice :)  I run a mile, and then lift weights. I give myself a 45 minute workout, not long at all, just enough. I have been trying to make my workouts more and more intense by increasing the incline on the treadmill (I hate running on treadmills, can’t wait for summer) That slight incline will definitely intensify that run!! And of course increasing my weights. I'm trying to gain muscle not just tone, so I set my weights to where I can hardly to 10 reps, and I do circuit training/lifting... I’ll do leg press, bench press, quads, hamstrings, and work in a circle, I do three sets of ten. My glutes, extra lunges and crunches are done on the floor. But 45 minutes a day, and it's amazing what it will do for your energy levels!

I did some research though just to confirm my thoughts on addiction  ITS TRUE! Exercise releases endorphins and dopamines, which are “Happy Chemicals” your body produces and anything that promotes those chemicals is proven to become addictive. (Also a known to reduce stress & anxiety…) Well if I’m going to be addicted to anything, let it be to something that promoted a good looking body !!

Eat Your Way to Younger Skin

"A bodybuilder can lift weights all day long, but if he doesn't eat a diet rich in protein, he'll never build any muscle. When it comes to keeping your skin in tip-top shape, the same principle applies: You can buy the best most expensive skin creams in the world, but without feeding your body the essential building blocks of collagen and elastin, your skin will slowly loose its resilience and start to wrinkle and sag." -  Jessica Wu, M.D.

I couldn't have put it better myself. By eating the right foods, you can supplement collagen production which will help keep your skin strong and flexible.

Keep these foods on your grocery list:


Chicken,  beef, lamb, lean meats, soy, pork quail, bison, lobster, srab, shrimp, scallops, (proline)  cottage cheese, cabbage and bamboo shoots


Spinach, whole grains, almonds, cashews, peanuts, soybeans, brown rice, lentils, kiddney and pinto beans, and avacados.


Whole grains, legumes, tofu, soybeans, shellfish, cherries, and prunes.


Red meat, raw oysters and shellfish, kidney beans and lentils, and eggs.

Amino acids and protein are very important to the collagen molecule, and pairing magnesium with some Vitamin C will be vital for collagen production.

Wu, Jessica (February 2011). Feed Your Face: Younger, Smoother Skin and a Beautiful Body in 28 Delicious Days. Jessica Wu.

Reverse Sun Damage: EAT THESE FOODS!!


Free radicals are atoms or groups of atoms with an odd number of electrons and can be formed when oxygen interacts with certain molecules. These highly reactive radicals can start a chain reaction once they are formed. To prevent free radical damage the body has a defense system of antioxidants. However, the body does not have quite enough antioxidants to fight free radical overload completely.


Free radicals are all of the  pollutions that we are faced with everyday; toxins, the sun, air pollution, cigarette smoke, etc..

This is why daily sunscreen is made important, and you see all of these creams that reduce lines and wrinkles. The problem with these are that they are all topical. They don't penatrate the skin deep enough, so there are no long-term or permanent affects. The only way to truly prevent any cell damage is from the inside out.


Antioxidants are of course great for your whole body, but some antioxidant foods are better for your skin, so take note.


Tomatoes are probably the most effective food you could eat to help prevent sun damage to your skin. * a slice of pizza (with red sauce) could reduce the risk of sunburn by 33%! This is also equal to a 1/2 cup of V8 juice or 6 tablespoons of salsa. The more tomatoes you can put into your diet, the more protection you will have from those UV aging and cancer causing rays. Meaning, an inside shield to wrinkles, inflammation and age spots.

KEEP NOTE: Lycopene is the most potent anti-oxidant.

A diet rich in anti-oxidants is very important to the health of your skin. They will help fight against these nasty 'free-radicals' that promote wrinkles, sagging, age spots and sun damage, and even more exciting for some... antioxidant rich food can also reverse damage that is already done :)

Keep these foods in mind next time you are at the grocery store or cooking in your kitchen:

LYCOPENE: found in red fruits and vegetables. Red peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, and pink grapefruit.

BETA-CAROTENE: found in orange vegetables and leafy greens. Carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, cantaloupe, spinach, kale, collard greens, and romaine lettuce.

FLAVONOIDS: found in berries, onions, tea, and! - Dark Chocolate :)

VITAMIN C: oranges, papaya, kiwi, strawberries, red peppers, brussel sprouts, kale, and broccoli.

VITAMIN E: nuts, eggs, leafy greens, avacados, and whole grains.


I drink a lot of  water. My fridge stays stocked with a 24-pack of water bottles and a 12-pack of Vitamin Water at all times. I'm sitting here drinking an 'Essential' (the orange one) right now an I'm wondering if these are really actually good for me. Vitamin Water does a good job at marketing themselves to me; the shades they come in make the fridge look so colorful ;), and the names give you the impression that each flavor does something specific for you..  I like having a variety to choose from and it's vitamin water, so I'm still doing my body good with a little flavor.

But am I?

A vitamin-fortified drink sounds good to me, but just because there are vitamins present does not make it a healthy drink because reality is Vitamin Water contains two large tablespoons of crystaline fructose that are dumped in to each bottle. Fructose is a natural sugar that is derived from real fruit. Crystaline fructose, however, is a processed sweetener that comes from cornstarch. 2 tablespoons!.. I think about that and it kind of makes me sick. I'm not a big sweets person.

Vitamin Water is, though, a healthier option than sugary sodas and caffeinated energy drinks, you just need to consume it in proportions. Hydrate Responsibly ... they must mean "Drink Responsibly!" Take note that the nutrition facts on the side of the bottle are 'per serving', and each bottle contains 2.5 servings. So, instead of a 50 cal drink with 13 grams of sugar, it's more like a 150 calorie drink with 33 grams of sugar! Too much Vitamin Water and no exercise can lead to some serious health problems as well: diabetes, obesity, skin problems...

Sugar in your diet is bad for your skin. A high-blood sugar can result in several reactions; breakouts, decrease in elasticity and collagen, flushing in rosacea victims and women in menopause, spike oil-production in your pores. It's not exactly healthy or not healthy foods, greasy or junk foods, it's the sugar content. But more on that in a different post, quite interesting, but for the record: Vitamin Water is probably not a good idea for your skin.

"The way that vitaminwater is marketed and positioned it’s made to look more healthful than other sugary beverages, but it’s not – it’s still just a soft drink," said Margo G. Wootan, Director of Nutrition Policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest. "It has this aura of healthfulness that is not deserved. Adding vitamins and minerals to junk food doesn’t make it healthy."

So, all in all, I should probably rethink my beverage choice... damn. They are just so good!!! :(... I am a pretty healthy person though, so maybe I can just contribute my Vitamin Waters to my daily sugar intake? ... we'll see.

Spoken Word: The Hip-Hop Edition

Spoken Word: The Hip-Hop Edition.

I was checking out the 'Freshly Pressed' on today, and this blog post (not so suprisingly) caught my eye :) Featured here are a few of the best, sometimes underrated... or hated, or before our time (for us youngins), but most lyrically talented artists of hip-hop. People so often forget or look past the art of the hip-hop culture, it's not about the beat, or the money, fame and women (...just some minor perks of talent hah), it's the emotion and meaning behind the lyrics. These clips capture hip-hop artists... rappers... in other words poets, at their finest :) ....Thanks for this

Click the link above to be directed to post

Cardio in the Morning

Most people schedule their workout early in the morning before they start their day, partly because it forces them to get up and do it before they have the time to talk themselves out of it. Exercise any time of the day is good exercise, but there actually are some advantages to those early morning starts.

Empty stomach. Your body release insulin after eating, and insulin may interfere with driving your body fats and energy. After fasting for eight hours through your sleep your body will have already digested all of your foods and any immediate energy. Your body will then be forced to feed off of anything extra your body has stored, and use any excess fats lingering around for energy.

Your metabolism will utilize your workout more effectively through out the day. When you exercise your body continues to burn calories for some time even after your workout is over. If you workout in the morning, your body has the rest of the day to continue to burn. Evening workouts don't allow you to get as much burn because your metabolic rates drop so much as soon as you go to sleep. But if your schedule only allows you time in the evening, don't let these facts make it not worthwhile, because you are still getting your cardio time in somewhere. You are still improving your health at whatever time of day it is.

Breakouts Suck.

Breakouts Suck...

... They happen for many different reasons though and if you know the facts behind your breakouts, you will understand a little more about your body. Like if you breakout on or around your chin area... that is hormonal... you might be starting your period in a week or so. Your cheeks, this is mostly caused by stress, OR!!! Your phone! Throw some Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes in your purse.

If you break out on your forehead, these are toxins being released from your kidneys and liver, so it is based on how well you take care of yourself internally. Do you drink, drug, smoke, eat nasty foods? Its coming out through your forehead. Pimples, pus, and white heads are just toxins that your body is trying to rid itself of and your face is full of pores, so that's where they get pushed out.

Acne is a condition, and it is hereditary. But just because your parents had it, does not mean that you will, it just means that you are more likely to. Now if you have dry skin, if you think your skin type is dry, think again. If you have dry skin, you can NEVER breakout. Not even get a pimple. Dry skin has no visible pores, and if you have no pores then your body cannot push anything out through your face. If you have oily skin, it will leave you more easily prone to acne, but wont necessarily happen to everyone. You could have oily skin and never have a breakout.

"Acne is also only hereditary through your father's side."

You cannot get acne through your mother. She could have got it through her father, but there would be no way she could pass it to you, it's a male genetic. But if you want to know how you are going to age, look to your mother. And remember, if you are taking care of your skin, using the three-step program; cleanse tone and moisturize, the results could come out a little better if your mother does not take care of her skin.

Dairy is horrible for your skin. So bad. It's full of toxins, and your body has to rid itself of it all, this can can exzema on your arms, bumps on the chest, and will be released through the pores on your face. I think soy milk and rice milk are a little better for you. Chocolate is not bad for your skin, myth.

They say, or I have heard also that it is bad to squeeze or pop your pimples. There is a right and wrong way of doing it. They use steamers professionally for a reason. Your pores do not open and close. They soften. Your skin can be warm and soft, or cold and firm. When you get out of the shower, your skin has softened, after ten minutes and throughout your day you skin is cold and firm. Never try extracting when your skin is cold. Very damaging. Use a heated washcloth, and lay it on your skin for a few minutes. When you extract, get all the way around the pimple, not only the head, and push until there is nothing left, don't leave anything in there.

Here's the rule: First comes the white stuff, then blood, then there is a clear fluid, push all that clear fluid out until you see blood again.

Gross, I know. The clear fluid is pure toxins. Bringing blood after that will ensure that you have pushed all of those toxins out, if you don't, you might have five more pimples tomorrow. Do not extract longer than ten minutes, grab then warm rag again and soften your pores again. You DO have to extract this stuff out, your face wont just dispose of it completely for you.

Hope this helped, I know I found it all pretty interesting, I was excited to blog! If you have any questions or any other myths to bust, please ask, I'd love to share information, I have some amazing professional resources on hand for me right now, help me tak advantage of them while I can right?

'Wishing on Dandelions'

Kristen DeBoer
"I have been singing since I discovered my vocal chords."
Genres: Soft Rock, Jazz, Acoustic, Blues
Purchase digital album here

New and upcoming singer-songwriter Kristen DeBoer will be recording her full album ‘Wishing on Dandelions’ here next month. Be watching for a video to follow this winter. Kristen’s got a passion for music, you can feel it in her voice, and she writes it in her songs. I would compare her writing to somewhat like Jewel, plays guitar like a Jack Johnson, but she has a blues/jazz sound to her also, like a Joss Stone. Really easy, everyday listening…

DeBoer finds her inspiration through love and heartbreak, hardship and inner strength, humanity, death and women empowerment. “…My music is rooted emotionally in me and I can connect to the music on a different level and tap back into that exact moment when I perform.” She started playing piano eight years ago, and trained classically for 6 years, then moved on to playing guitar and song-writing three years ago. Kristen has been studying and traveling the world this past year, and has landed in Boston where she has been juggling school and work with her music career. She just recently played on an online radio show,, and is really looking forward to her album release… (…her and I both)


Lining the inner rims of your eyes with a white pencil will brighten 'em up, widen them, and help distract any redness from tired eye (late night, early morning?). If you do it really heavy it starts to look kind of wierd, so apply only a really light white line and watch your eyes pop :)


Skipping your nightly face wash, or sleeping in your makeup, actually cause your pores to stretch, thus, leaving your skin more prone to breakouts.

It is so important to treat your skin right, especially at a young age. Once you get older, imperfections and wrinkles are almost impossible to reverse So, those of you with a baby face and that young skin, take care of it now, and you may still look 18 at forty ;) Personally, I am starting to see the results of tanning for the past ten years at only 22. Nothing major, but different, its only the beginning :/WATCH THAT TANNING...

Cosmetologist Requirements by State

For all future professionals (& professionals), here is some info on state-by-state hour requirements and reciprocity. Some states are missing so if you have that info feel free to give it ;)

Alabama 1500 hours
Reciprocity: Must meet the hours requirements of Alabama at the time of licensure. Must present proof of five years of licensed experience.

Alaska 1650 hours Reciprocity: Must have completed 1650 hours. Alaska will grant credit for work experience. ( 500 hours for each year in the field. )
Note: A Cosmetologist in Alaska may only do facial, hair removal and make-up. A Hairdresser only works with the hair. TWO licenses would be required to do all these procedures.
Arizona 1600 hours
Reciprocity Has practiced as a licensed cosmetologist, aesthetician or nail technician for at least one of the five years immediately preceding his application in another state or country and holds a current license in that state or country. Pays the prescribed fees.
Arkansas 1500 hours
Reciprocity: Granted to all those who hold a valid license but has passed BOTH a written AND practical exam.

California 1600 hours
Reciprocity: As of May 2007 California now has reciprocity rules. See the website for specifics

Colorado 1450 hours
Reciprocity: Colorado does not have reciprocity, we have endorsement and everyone who holds an active license in another state may apply for endorsement and everyone is reviewed on an individual basis.

Connecticut 1500 hours
Reciprocity: With all States that have the same requirements.
Home salons and Mobile salons allowed.

Washington, District of Columbia 1500 hours
Reciprocity: granted to all individuals whose current license is from a State whose requirements are equivalent to those of DC. Credit for work experience may be granted.

Delaware 1500 hours

Florida 1200 Hours

Reciprocity: to those individuals holding a license from another State whose requirements are the same or more stringent than Florida's
A Hair Braiding registration is available in Florida. (Two day-16 hour course)
Home Salons allowed

Georgia 1500 Hours
Reciprocity: The Georgia State Board of Barbers and Georgia State Board of Cosmetology reciprocity requirements are according to which states that reciprocity may be extended to licensees from other states and countries that have similar training and licensing requirements and will extend reciprocity to Georgia licensees. The Georgia State Board of Cosmetology does not reciprocate with California, Florida, Hawaii or New York.

Hawaii 1800 Hours
Reciprocity: granted to all with a current license from a State with equal or greater requirements. Work experience is a consideration if you have less schooling than required.
Home salon and Mobile salon allowed

Idaho 2000 Hours
Reciprocity: granted to licensed applicants who provide official documentation that the requirements for license under which the license was issued are of a standard not lower than Idaho OR who provide official documentation that they have practiced for at least three (3) years immediately prior to making application.
Home salons are allowed. Mobile salons are not allowed

Illinois 1500 hours
Reciprocity: Based on laws in issuing state compared to Illinois Law during the time period in which the applicant was licensed. The state does credit the applicant for work experience.
Home salon and Mobile salon allowed

Indiana 1500 hours
Reciprocity: Applicants that have been licensed as a Cosmetologist in another state may obtain a license in the state of Indiana as long as the state they are originally licensed in has requirements equal to those of Indiana. In the cases where the training is less than Indiana's requirements than the applicant will receive 100 hours of credit for each 1 year period of practical work experience. All applicants regardless of length of time licensed in another state must take an examination on the Rules and Regulations of Indiana pertaining to the profession they are applying for licensure in. If the issuing state did not require the applicant to take a practical examination they must do so to become licensed in Indiana.
Home salon allowed

Iowa 2100 hours
Reciprocity: Iowa does NOT have "reciprocity" with any state. People from certain states can apply for licensure by "endorsement" only if they have taken a "National" exam. Not all states use a national exam. Some only use a "State" exam.
Home Salon allowed.

Kansas 1500 Hours
Reciprocity: provided you have 1500 hours and have been working in the field for at least one year and hold a current license. If you have less than 1500 hours you will have to take a "practical" exam. You may, however, obtain a temporary permit which allows you to work, pending examination.

Kentucky 1800 hours
Reciprocity: Any applicant from out-of-state who holds a valid license and can show proof of 2 years current experience can take the cosmetology practical examination for licensing in Kentucky. The applicant must also meet the minimum requirements from above.
Home Salon allowed.

Louisiana 1500 hours
Reciprocity: Reciprocity with all states, all types of licenses. "We trade state for state."
Home Salon Allowed

Maine 1500 hours
The State Board shall waive an exam and grant a license to an applicant who seeks reciprocity, provided that the applicant has a valid license from a State whose requirements are equal to or greater than Maine's.
Home salon and Mobile salon allowed.

Cosmetologist Must be at least 17 years of age and have completed 9th grade or G.E.D. Applicant must submit proof of completion of 1500 hours of training in a cosmetology school or 24 months as a registered apprentice in a licensed beauty salon.
Makeup Artist Must be at least 17 years of age and have completed 9th grade or G.E.D. Applicant must submit proof of having successfully completed a course or program in makeup artist services approved by the Board.
Reciprocity: Maryland grants reciprocity to those individuals who hold a license from a State whose requirements are the same as or greater than those of Maryland's.
Home Salon allowed.

Massachusetts 1000 Hours

Michigan 1500 hours
Reciprocity: All individuals licensed in another state may obtain their license in the state of Michigan by making an application to the board and meeting the requirements of 17 years of age and a 9th grade education. No examination is required. For those individuals whose states have requirements less than those in Michigan a credit of 100 hours per every 6 months work experience will be awarded.
Home Salon allowed.

Minnesota 1550 hours.
Reciprocity may be granted to currently licensed applicants who pass the Minnesota Board Exam and who have at least 1800 hours of licensed experience within the last three years.
Home Salon and Mobile Salon allowed.

Mississippi 1500 Hours
Reciprocity: with Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont and West Virginia.
Home Salon Allowed.
Missouri 1500 hours
Reciprocity: Manicurist-Equal hours or take exam
Home Salon and Mobile Salon allowed.

Montana 2000 Hours
Reciprocity: An applicant with LESS than the hours required by Montana must take the National Practical and Written exams. An applicant may take the additional hours from an approved school.
Home Salon allowed

Nebraska 2100 Hours

Cosmetologist: 1800 hours
Hair Designer: 1200 hours

Reciprocity: All applicants must apply to the board, enclose $100.00, be at least 18 years of age and have the equivalent of a 10th grade education. The applicant must have passed a nationally recognized written test in the state of licensure. The applicant must hold a current license.
Home Salon and Mobile Salon allowed

New Mexico 1600 hours
Reciprocity: Applicants who have not completed a course of study equal to the requirements of this state may receive credit for work experience, for every 6 full months of work the applicant will be credited with 150 hours of training. Any applicants that HAVE completed a course with requirements equal to this state must furnish a transcript of hours and a copy of a valid license.
Mobile Salon allowed

New York 1000 hrs

North Carolina 1500 Hours
Reciprocity: Please see the site for information

North Dakota 1800 hours
Reciprocity: Current license from state that reciprocates ND and meets MD requirements.
Home Salon allowed


Cosmetology 1500 hours Hair Designer: 1200 hours
Natural Hair Stylist: 450 hours

Oklahoma 1500 hours
Reciprocity: All states with equal or better requirements.
Home Salon allowed

Pennsylvania 1250 hours
Reciprocity: With all states except: AL, CA, CT, CO, GA, HI, NJ, NM, R, UT
Home Salon allowed

South Carolina 1500 Hours
Reciprocity: is granted to those applicants who have completed the same requirements as South Carolina. You may have to pass "The National Exam"
Home salon allowed.

South Dakota 2100 hours
Reciprocity: All states with equal requirements and those reciprocating with SD. Also require proof of passage of the NIC theory examination and the NIC practical examination.
Home Salon allowed.

Tennessee 1500 hours
Reciprocity: Applicant holds a license in a State whose requirements are the same as Tennessee. This is true for all licenses. EXCEPT Nail Technology where the State Board requires a theory and practical exam.
Home Salon allowed

Texas 1500 Hours
Reciprocity: granted to applicants with licenses from another State whose requirements are the same as or greater than Texas'.
Home Salon allowed

Virginia 1500 hour
Reciprocity: Granted to applicants who have completed the same amount of hours as required by Virginia. Credit given to those who have worked in the "field" for a minimum of six months.
Note: A licensed barber, who has held a license for at least two years may sit for the Cosmetology exam, without further training.
Home Salon and Mobile Salon allowed.

Washington 1600 hour
Reciprocity: Written exam is taken when an individual submits a complete application and current verification from originating board and pays proper fees.

West Virginia 2000 hours
Reciprocity: granted to those applicants with the same or greater requirements as those of West Virginia's. However, an applicant with less than those hours may receive credit of 300 hours for every year of practical experience.
Home Salon allowed.

Wisconsin 1800 hours
Reciprocity: All applicants must have at least 4000 hours of experience in licensed practice, have never been disciplined by the licensing authority in their state of licensure. Anyone who doesn't meet these requirements must attend a school in Wisconsin and after graduation will get licensed.
Home Salon allowed.

Don't Waste Time

I am so so excited for this year, I feel like it is going to be a fun and eventful year for me. I am graduating in April... 4 MONTHS YEEAAHHH! And then I am on to doing great things with my chosen career path, which I cannot express enough how lucky I feel to have found what I want to do so early on in life. I am going to do Big Thangs, Big Thangs!!!

That is what it is all about, loving what you do. You hear it all of the time that if you love what you do, you will never feel like you are working, and that is where you are supposed to be. That is where I am. I wake up everyday wanting to go to school, wanting to learn, wanting to style hair, wanting to make others feel good, and not for the money. I mean, Money is definitely up there on my list, gotta make a living. But the fact that I am being paid to make someone feel beautiful, make someone feel good about themselves is definitely why I joined this culture of hair stylists. It's a give and take industry. You feel amazing, I helped create that feeling. I have also found a positive creative outlet, I get to create different styles and looks on a day-to-day basis, and I will never get bored. Fashion is always changing, style is always changing, and I have so many options; hair styling, coloring, cutting, makeup, photo shoots, video shoots, fashions shows, being in a salon. I will never be doing the same thing everyday. Yesterday will be different from today..... okay this was actually not what I was going to post about, but I could not help but ramble about how much I love my work. How many people can say that? I just feel lucky.

So what I really wanted to tell you all about is this amazing speaker that was invited to speak at our school the other day, he is actually the dean of Paul Mitchell The Schools all over the country. January 4th was my first day back after our holiday break, and I was so ready for this guy to come talk with us. His name is Winn Claybaugh, a motivational speaker and author of Be Nice (Or Else!). I just want to throw out a few things I got from his "speech" I guess you could call it. I don't like that word for it because he wasn't just standing in front talking at us, he was very real, very interactive with us, answering our questions and giving us feedback and advice. But basically he was saying that life is a choice. LIFE IS A CHOICE. How you live your life is your choice. How you set your mood for the day is your choice. People can do things that may be upsetting but your reaction to these things is your choice, you decide that those things made you mad, that that person upset you and ruined your day. You let that person or that situation ruin your day. No one can MAKE you mad, you allow yourself to feel that emotion.

Life is a choice. Negativity does rub off. You know when you wake up in the morning and you feel like today is going to be a good day and everything is good and you just feel happy? I love those days. And then you get to where you're going and one person, that one person, is very negative... very down or in a bad mood. It kind of puts a damper on your happy day, right? It's hard to be a happy, bubbly person when the other person you are with is negative. It rubs off. So what if instead of letting it change your mind about having a great day, why not keep being in a happy mood, try to laugh with them, make them laugh, laughter rubs off too. If nothing works, ignore it then. SW SW SW. Some Will, Some Wont, So What. How much better does your day go when you are happy? It's all in good Karma. I am a firm believer in Karma. If you put out good things, good things will come back. Not to say I never put out any bad Karma for myself, but it gets me in the a** everytime I do.

This is all stuff I am working on too. It's hard to be nice everyday, to everyone, all of the time. Things upset me. But to make a conscious effort, all of the time, to just BE NICE, I know that better things will come my way. It will get easier because there will eventually be less negativity surrounding me. Are you the type of person people want to be around on a day-to-day basis? If I am a happy person all of the time... LIFE IS A CHOICE remember, so if I MAKE myself feel happy, ignore negativity, be bubbly, then people will want to be around me. People will be in a good mood when they are around me. When people around me are in a good mood, I am in a good mood. It will be one positive circle I will be living in, And it will be less of a damper on myself when that one negative person comes strolling in... maybe I would have an easier time helping them being happy also. Make everyone you come in contact with feel important. That's what everyone wants, everyone wants to feel important.

Dont waste time. Dont waste your life being miserable. Having fun should be a day-to-day PRIORITY. If you don't like what you have on your agenda, if it's not exciting to you, you have to do it though, so why not find a way to make it fun? It would be a whole lot more enjoyable than sitting there thinking over and over again about how much you hate what you are doing right? If you don't like it, make it fun.

Dont waste time. Dont waste your life doing things half-done, or 'good enough'. Then everything will be just good enough... maybe that. You will never get ahead. Getting ahead in this world is what everyone's goal should be right? Isn't that what everyone should want? How many people want to be a millionaire? How many people make it a goal to be a millionaire?... Probably only those that are today millionaires. They actually wrote it on their list of things to do in life, and made it a GOAL.

GOAL;the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.

And to have goals you neeeed to dream. You HAVE to DREAM.

DREAM;an aspiration; goal; aim.

Aim in the direction you would like to someday be in, and make it a goal to someday be there, put effort in only that direction. You would have so much more meaning in life if you tried working towards your goals and dreams than you would if you said "Yeah Right." "That would never happen." "Back to reality." Make yours dreams reality. LIFE IS A CHOICE. MAKE your dreams a reality. Someday you'll wake up, and be there, or at least a whole lot further in life than if you sat around wishing and only wishing.

I had an old friend recently come a visit with me, and every time we get to talking he opens up doors for me. He gets my mind going, I fall back sometimes, and he always knows what to say to bring out the best in me, to help me bring out the best in me, dream again, make more goals, motivates me. He said what would you do or what would you want to do if money was not a problem? I loved that. Those are your dreams. Those should be your goals. Write a 5 year plan. Write your dream at the top, and work backwards with things that will get you there. And at the end put where you are today. Now if you really put effort into accomplishing those things.... why wouldn't you reach your goal? There should be no reason.

If money is the reason, then yes, you have to work, but think about how you spend your money. If at the end of the day you end up broke, what part of your spending went towards your goal? Why not spend every last dime you have on something that puts you even the slightest bit closer to your goal? Then at the end of the day, when you're broke, you probably wont feel so bad, you'd had done something productive. Instead of going out and celebrating now, spending your money partying, spending your time partying.... spend your time and your money and every last breath you have trying to reach your goal. And when you do.... WHEN you do, because if you honestly put your 110% effort into trying, you will, what a celebration you could have!! Spend a period of time reaching your goal, and then life will be a party from there on out.

 Winn's motivational talk was the perfect way to start out my new year. He really helped me make that, what he calls, 10% shift. Ten percent is all you need, I mean you can't change your world in a day. But keep taking steps towards that change, by keeping on it and not getting stuck, you will always be doing better. Better than before right? Life is a choice. Dont waste time. Love you guys ;)