Breakouts Suck.

Breakouts Suck...

... They happen for many different reasons though and if you know the facts behind your breakouts, you will understand a little more about your body. Like if you breakout on or around your chin area... that is hormonal... you might be starting your period in a week or so. Your cheeks, this is mostly caused by stress, OR!!! Your phone! Throw some Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes in your purse.

If you break out on your forehead, these are toxins being released from your kidneys and liver, so it is based on how well you take care of yourself internally. Do you drink, drug, smoke, eat nasty foods? Its coming out through your forehead. Pimples, pus, and white heads are just toxins that your body is trying to rid itself of and your face is full of pores, so that's where they get pushed out.

Acne is a condition, and it is hereditary. But just because your parents had it, does not mean that you will, it just means that you are more likely to. Now if you have dry skin, if you think your skin type is dry, think again. If you have dry skin, you can NEVER breakout. Not even get a pimple. Dry skin has no visible pores, and if you have no pores then your body cannot push anything out through your face. If you have oily skin, it will leave you more easily prone to acne, but wont necessarily happen to everyone. You could have oily skin and never have a breakout.

"Acne is also only hereditary through your father's side."

You cannot get acne through your mother. She could have got it through her father, but there would be no way she could pass it to you, it's a male genetic. But if you want to know how you are going to age, look to your mother. And remember, if you are taking care of your skin, using the three-step program; cleanse tone and moisturize, the results could come out a little better if your mother does not take care of her skin.

Dairy is horrible for your skin. So bad. It's full of toxins, and your body has to rid itself of it all, this can can exzema on your arms, bumps on the chest, and will be released through the pores on your face. I think soy milk and rice milk are a little better for you. Chocolate is not bad for your skin, myth.

They say, or I have heard also that it is bad to squeeze or pop your pimples. There is a right and wrong way of doing it. They use steamers professionally for a reason. Your pores do not open and close. They soften. Your skin can be warm and soft, or cold and firm. When you get out of the shower, your skin has softened, after ten minutes and throughout your day you skin is cold and firm. Never try extracting when your skin is cold. Very damaging. Use a heated washcloth, and lay it on your skin for a few minutes. When you extract, get all the way around the pimple, not only the head, and push until there is nothing left, don't leave anything in there.

Here's the rule: First comes the white stuff, then blood, then there is a clear fluid, push all that clear fluid out until you see blood again.

Gross, I know. The clear fluid is pure toxins. Bringing blood after that will ensure that you have pushed all of those toxins out, if you don't, you might have five more pimples tomorrow. Do not extract longer than ten minutes, grab then warm rag again and soften your pores again. You DO have to extract this stuff out, your face wont just dispose of it completely for you.

Hope this helped, I know I found it all pretty interesting, I was excited to blog! If you have any questions or any other myths to bust, please ask, I'd love to share information, I have some amazing professional resources on hand for me right now, help me tak advantage of them while I can right?