Don't Waste Time

I am so so excited for this year, I feel like it is going to be a fun and eventful year for me. I am graduating in April... 4 MONTHS YEEAAHHH! And then I am on to doing great things with my chosen career path, which I cannot express enough how lucky I feel to have found what I want to do so early on in life. I am going to do Big Thangs, Big Thangs!!!

That is what it is all about, loving what you do. You hear it all of the time that if you love what you do, you will never feel like you are working, and that is where you are supposed to be. That is where I am. I wake up everyday wanting to go to school, wanting to learn, wanting to style hair, wanting to make others feel good, and not for the money. I mean, Money is definitely up there on my list, gotta make a living. But the fact that I am being paid to make someone feel beautiful, make someone feel good about themselves is definitely why I joined this culture of hair stylists. It's a give and take industry. You feel amazing, I helped create that feeling. I have also found a positive creative outlet, I get to create different styles and looks on a day-to-day basis, and I will never get bored. Fashion is always changing, style is always changing, and I have so many options; hair styling, coloring, cutting, makeup, photo shoots, video shoots, fashions shows, being in a salon. I will never be doing the same thing everyday. Yesterday will be different from today..... okay this was actually not what I was going to post about, but I could not help but ramble about how much I love my work. How many people can say that? I just feel lucky.

So what I really wanted to tell you all about is this amazing speaker that was invited to speak at our school the other day, he is actually the dean of Paul Mitchell The Schools all over the country. January 4th was my first day back after our holiday break, and I was so ready for this guy to come talk with us. His name is Winn Claybaugh, a motivational speaker and author of Be Nice (Or Else!). I just want to throw out a few things I got from his "speech" I guess you could call it. I don't like that word for it because he wasn't just standing in front talking at us, he was very real, very interactive with us, answering our questions and giving us feedback and advice. But basically he was saying that life is a choice. LIFE IS A CHOICE. How you live your life is your choice. How you set your mood for the day is your choice. People can do things that may be upsetting but your reaction to these things is your choice, you decide that those things made you mad, that that person upset you and ruined your day. You let that person or that situation ruin your day. No one can MAKE you mad, you allow yourself to feel that emotion.

Life is a choice. Negativity does rub off. You know when you wake up in the morning and you feel like today is going to be a good day and everything is good and you just feel happy? I love those days. And then you get to where you're going and one person, that one person, is very negative... very down or in a bad mood. It kind of puts a damper on your happy day, right? It's hard to be a happy, bubbly person when the other person you are with is negative. It rubs off. So what if instead of letting it change your mind about having a great day, why not keep being in a happy mood, try to laugh with them, make them laugh, laughter rubs off too. If nothing works, ignore it then. SW SW SW. Some Will, Some Wont, So What. How much better does your day go when you are happy? It's all in good Karma. I am a firm believer in Karma. If you put out good things, good things will come back. Not to say I never put out any bad Karma for myself, but it gets me in the a** everytime I do.

This is all stuff I am working on too. It's hard to be nice everyday, to everyone, all of the time. Things upset me. But to make a conscious effort, all of the time, to just BE NICE, I know that better things will come my way. It will get easier because there will eventually be less negativity surrounding me. Are you the type of person people want to be around on a day-to-day basis? If I am a happy person all of the time... LIFE IS A CHOICE remember, so if I MAKE myself feel happy, ignore negativity, be bubbly, then people will want to be around me. People will be in a good mood when they are around me. When people around me are in a good mood, I am in a good mood. It will be one positive circle I will be living in, And it will be less of a damper on myself when that one negative person comes strolling in... maybe I would have an easier time helping them being happy also. Make everyone you come in contact with feel important. That's what everyone wants, everyone wants to feel important.

Dont waste time. Dont waste your life being miserable. Having fun should be a day-to-day PRIORITY. If you don't like what you have on your agenda, if it's not exciting to you, you have to do it though, so why not find a way to make it fun? It would be a whole lot more enjoyable than sitting there thinking over and over again about how much you hate what you are doing right? If you don't like it, make it fun.

Dont waste time. Dont waste your life doing things half-done, or 'good enough'. Then everything will be just good enough... maybe that. You will never get ahead. Getting ahead in this world is what everyone's goal should be right? Isn't that what everyone should want? How many people want to be a millionaire? How many people make it a goal to be a millionaire?... Probably only those that are today millionaires. They actually wrote it on their list of things to do in life, and made it a GOAL.

GOAL;the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.

And to have goals you neeeed to dream. You HAVE to DREAM.

DREAM;an aspiration; goal; aim.

Aim in the direction you would like to someday be in, and make it a goal to someday be there, put effort in only that direction. You would have so much more meaning in life if you tried working towards your goals and dreams than you would if you said "Yeah Right." "That would never happen." "Back to reality." Make yours dreams reality. LIFE IS A CHOICE. MAKE your dreams a reality. Someday you'll wake up, and be there, or at least a whole lot further in life than if you sat around wishing and only wishing.

I had an old friend recently come a visit with me, and every time we get to talking he opens up doors for me. He gets my mind going, I fall back sometimes, and he always knows what to say to bring out the best in me, to help me bring out the best in me, dream again, make more goals, motivates me. He said what would you do or what would you want to do if money was not a problem? I loved that. Those are your dreams. Those should be your goals. Write a 5 year plan. Write your dream at the top, and work backwards with things that will get you there. And at the end put where you are today. Now if you really put effort into accomplishing those things.... why wouldn't you reach your goal? There should be no reason.

If money is the reason, then yes, you have to work, but think about how you spend your money. If at the end of the day you end up broke, what part of your spending went towards your goal? Why not spend every last dime you have on something that puts you even the slightest bit closer to your goal? Then at the end of the day, when you're broke, you probably wont feel so bad, you'd had done something productive. Instead of going out and celebrating now, spending your money partying, spending your time partying.... spend your time and your money and every last breath you have trying to reach your goal. And when you do.... WHEN you do, because if you honestly put your 110% effort into trying, you will, what a celebration you could have!! Spend a period of time reaching your goal, and then life will be a party from there on out.

 Winn's motivational talk was the perfect way to start out my new year. He really helped me make that, what he calls, 10% shift. Ten percent is all you need, I mean you can't change your world in a day. But keep taking steps towards that change, by keeping on it and not getting stuck, you will always be doing better. Better than before right? Life is a choice. Dont waste time. Love you guys ;)