My Name is Kursten, and I'm Addicted to Working Out.

So I think I am addicted to working out!! Not in reference to my body image, but it's the way I feel if I go too long without working out ( and I’m talking hours not days here). I work out at the same time every day. If I go a day without working out, or even hours past my normal time, by the time the afternoon comes around I'm already feeling a sense of built up tension, I get a little irritated, sometimes a lot irritated, headaches…! I think I have my body on such a strict schedule that I AM ADDICTED!!
I feel amazing btw :) I'm not trying to lose weight; actually I'm trying to gain. And for all of you skinny-girl-haters out there, I DO have a thyroid problem, and yes you can have it, take it, it’s not fun!. I honestly think it's just as much work to gain weight with a petite frame as it is to lose weight for a heavier person. For me it’s a daily commitment. If I happen to skip a meal or a day or two of not working out, it almost feels like all of my hard work disappears, really discouraging actually. It takes constant work to keep my body right, CONSTANT! I can't ever be lazy! And protein rich and carb filled diets have taken over my life... I eat a lot. Anyone who knows me will agree to that lol A healthy body does not come to anyone naturally, and if any of you did get lucky with natural blessings, then you’re one lucky B.

My alarm is set for 6AM every morning... (ok, sometimes I hit snooze once or twice :)  I run a mile, and then lift weights. I give myself a 45 minute workout, not long at all, just enough. I have been trying to make my workouts more and more intense by increasing the incline on the treadmill (I hate running on treadmills, can’t wait for summer) That slight incline will definitely intensify that run!! And of course increasing my weights. I'm trying to gain muscle not just tone, so I set my weights to where I can hardly to 10 reps, and I do circuit training/lifting... I’ll do leg press, bench press, quads, hamstrings, and work in a circle, I do three sets of ten. My glutes, extra lunges and crunches are done on the floor. But 45 minutes a day, and it's amazing what it will do for your energy levels!

I did some research though just to confirm my thoughts on addiction  ITS TRUE! Exercise releases endorphins and dopamines, which are “Happy Chemicals” your body produces and anything that promotes those chemicals is proven to become addictive. (Also a known to reduce stress & anxiety…) Well if I’m going to be addicted to anything, let it be to something that promoted a good looking body !!