I drink a lot of  water. My fridge stays stocked with a 24-pack of water bottles and a 12-pack of Vitamin Water at all times. I'm sitting here drinking an 'Essential' (the orange one) right now an I'm wondering if these are really actually good for me. Vitamin Water does a good job at marketing themselves to me; the shades they come in make the fridge look so colorful ;), and the names give you the impression that each flavor does something specific for you..  I like having a variety to choose from and it's vitamin water, so I'm still doing my body good with a little flavor.

But am I?

A vitamin-fortified drink sounds good to me, but just because there are vitamins present does not make it a healthy drink because reality is Vitamin Water contains two large tablespoons of crystaline fructose that are dumped in to each bottle. Fructose is a natural sugar that is derived from real fruit. Crystaline fructose, however, is a processed sweetener that comes from cornstarch. 2 tablespoons!.. I think about that and it kind of makes me sick. I'm not a big sweets person.

Vitamin Water is, though, a healthier option than sugary sodas and caffeinated energy drinks, you just need to consume it in proportions. Hydrate Responsibly ... they must mean "Drink Responsibly!" Take note that the nutrition facts on the side of the bottle are 'per serving', and each bottle contains 2.5 servings. So, instead of a 50 cal drink with 13 grams of sugar, it's more like a 150 calorie drink with 33 grams of sugar! Too much Vitamin Water and no exercise can lead to some serious health problems as well: diabetes, obesity, skin problems...

Sugar in your diet is bad for your skin. A high-blood sugar can result in several reactions; breakouts, decrease in elasticity and collagen, flushing in rosacea victims and women in menopause, spike oil-production in your pores. It's not exactly healthy or not healthy foods, greasy or junk foods, it's the sugar content. But more on that in a different post, quite interesting, but for the record: Vitamin Water is probably not a good idea for your skin.

"The way that vitaminwater is marketed and positioned it’s made to look more healthful than other sugary beverages, but it’s not – it’s still just a soft drink," said Margo G. Wootan, Director of Nutrition Policy at the Center for Science in the Public Interest. "It has this aura of healthfulness that is not deserved. Adding vitamins and minerals to junk food doesn’t make it healthy."

So, all in all, I should probably rethink my beverage choice... damn. They are just so good!!! :(... I am a pretty healthy person though, so maybe I can just contribute my Vitamin Waters to my daily sugar intake? ... we'll see.