'Wishing on Dandelions'

Kristen DeBoer
"I have been singing since I discovered my vocal chords."
Genres: Soft Rock, Jazz, Acoustic, Blues
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New and upcoming singer-songwriter Kristen DeBoer will be recording her full album ‘Wishing on Dandelions’ here next month. Be watching for a video to follow this winter. Kristen’s got a passion for music, you can feel it in her voice, and she writes it in her songs. I would compare her writing to somewhat like Jewel, plays guitar like a Jack Johnson, but she has a blues/jazz sound to her also, like a Joss Stone. Really easy, everyday listening…

DeBoer finds her inspiration through love and heartbreak, hardship and inner strength, humanity, death and women empowerment. “…My music is rooted emotionally in me and I can connect to the music on a different level and tap back into that exact moment when I perform.” She started playing piano eight years ago, and trained classically for 6 years, then moved on to playing guitar and song-writing three years ago. Kristen has been studying and traveling the world this past year, and has landed in Boston where she has been juggling school and work with her music career. She just recently played on an online radio show, ECRadio.org, and is really looking forward to her album release… (…her and I both)