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Sorry for the shaky video!

I have been hearing about so many people praying & talking about the ways of the world and I have seen a lot of internet photos basically saying that we need to take care of our own people on the streets before we are out helping other countries. We are all one, it's really just humans helping humans and if we are in the position to do so, then why not or lets. In that though, here's a small opportunity to do so within our community!

I heard recently that the item that our fellow humans without a home receive the least is socks! Its cold/winter season right now, lets pull something together and get a fresh new pack of socks out to our people on the streets to keep their feet covered up and warm! 

Any amount helps, its only socks! I have a few helping hands ready to hand these out throughout throughout the city, if you would like to be involved let me know! If you are another business or individual that would also like to join in raising sock donations to join as well, feel free! You can also help by sharing this video and getting the word out! Lets spread a little love to the streets and make a little something happen my friends!